Metacon stores and transmits digital assets more securely. Meet the organized wallet through PSJGlobal's unique
blockchain technology! Metacon has its own swap function within the app. Through that function, you can apply for
DreamsCT games that only Metacon provides. Everyone’s hope and everyone’s wallet, Metacon.

#Your last wallet
#Swap System

Main Contents

ocean drive

Easy and
convenient wallet

ocean drive

swap system

ocean drive

DreamsCT game

Quick and easy swap

Quick swap trades are available with our user-friendly interfaces

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Decentralized wallet

Metacon wallet applies a distributed storage solution that manages digital assets in a new way that has never been experienced before


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No manipulation

It is impossible to manipulate
by applying the same
winning number as the lottery
of the Korean lottery ticket.

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100% winning probability

Golden Round is held every
other week.

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Gambling prevention

Participation is limited
to a price setting of
5,000 KRW per day.

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Smart contract-based application method

Forgery and tempering are
impossible through our smart
contract-based application